Volumetric Conversion  

Certain items that are lesser in density, tend to occupy more space inside a container. So in order to equate this, we convert the volume of the goods to its relative equated weight. For instance, assume that there is a bag of cotton. The actual weight of this consignment would be less that 20 KG. But it would occupy the space of approximately a 50 KG standard consignment. So the volume of the cotton is converted into its equated weight.

This would also apply to other commodities like empty jars, etc., that are packed into a cardboard box. So generally, we take the measurement of the cardboard box, and arrive at the volumetric weight; and we also measure the actual weight; and the greater of the two is used for calculating the freight charges.

            If you have a package ready for shipment, then you can find out its volumetric weight below.

            Units:     Feet              Inches             Centimeters

            Length:                     Width:                      Height:                     

            Volumetric Weight = KG

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